Morgan (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and cultivator based in Toronto and Vancouver. Her practice reflects themes of feminist queer histories and collective memory while speaking to larger societal structures of power, oppression and social constructions of space. Investigating the use of analog film both as a form of projected image and as a sculptural material, Morgan’s art practice focuses on how lived experiences inform queer aesthetics and articulations of memory and gender. Considering space and queerness through analog technologies, she creates experimental topographies through photographic film and moving images. Using organic film developers (also known as eco-processing) necessitates the artist to work directly with the film, resulting in an intimate collaboration among material, concept, and aesthetic. Integrating analog equipment into her installations, she challenges the masculinist fetichizing of these machines and insteads sees them as co-conspirators, objects that have their own agency, speaking to analog histories, and questions of access and sexism. Bridging eco-processing, experimental film and queer history (both personal and political) she aims to create intimate experiences for viewers to expand their ideas of queer space and time. Morgan’s efforts in queer place-making through experimental practices question contemporary and historical views of gender and sexuality within visual culture. 

She has exhibited her works in Toronto, Kingston and internationally and was the recipient of the Roloff Beny Award in 2022, Pandora Y. H. Ho Memorial Award and the Artscape Youngplace Career Launcher in 2017.

In support of her artwork and research, Morgan received the graduate scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in 2023, and has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council including the Chalmers Professional Development grant and the Career Catalyst in 2021. Morgan was a founding member of The Rude Collective, a queer arts collective amplifying voices of marginalized queer folks in Toronto. She is currently a graduate student in the Visual Arts program at the University of British Columbia.