Stop Messaging Me


500 index cards

For many women, online spaces can be an unsafe and unwelcoming environment due to harassment. Taking up space online as a feminist can make you even more of a target for these unwanted sexual messages and threats. Additionally, a lack of accountability from law enforcement agencies helps harassment bleed from the online world into physical spaces.


Taken from Facebook, Twitter, Tinder and the like, messages were sourced from friends, online communities and the artist’s own research. Stop Messaging Me comments on digital culture and the ease of fast and anonymous communication, the online threats and comments have been reproduced into their own permanent archive. The index cards reference an older age of archiving, and the typewritten font an older age of technology. The process of typing these messages was both strenuous and time-consuming; this reproductive labour emphasizes the impact these words have on a person in an attempt to make viewers think more about the relationship between threats made online and their offline effects. Viewers are asked to take one of these cards and to ‘deal with it’ in some way. In doing so, they are asked to try to experience what the people who receive these threats have felt and how they deal with it. It is up to the participant to choose what they will do with the card.


Total cards made at this point is approximately 620.