Hit Record


Rolodex, rotary telephones

Hit Record: Archiving Existence aims to deconstruct and critique the archive and challenge archivists by questioning how we can critically engage in and re-imagine archives. How we can insert ignored narratives, and creatively reconfigure the power structures that traditional archives uphold. Hit Record: Archiving Existence surrounds itself in the possibilities of queer feminist archiving, documentation and activism.


Hit Record: Archiving Existence challenges the idea of archiving as a non-biased documentation process. By re-contextualizing the analog technologies, it provides new meanings to their function in the context of the queer feminist archive. Rather than an address book, personal stories, historical and contemporary events populate the cards in the rolodex, blending time and creating a thread of feminist queer activism and lived experiences challenging the notion that queer feminist activism exists within a certain time period. The rotary telephones are used to hold audio conversations speaking as a confessional, a private and intimate space created between the listener and the speaker.